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Kathryn Louise is a writer, photographer, and artist living in Olympia, WA.

May Update

Been a while since I posted on the blog here. I wasn't sure anyone was checking it but my analytics show this as one of the most popular pages on my site, so I suppose I should update more frequently. I'll try to do monthly updates from now on. 

This month I'll be reading my essay "The United States of Rape Culture" at Browsers Books in Olympia, WA. You can read the essay by purchasing a copy of Nasty! (available at Amazon, Browsers Books, or directly from the publisher King Shot Press) and you should - all proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood. This will be my first local reading and I'm both excited and nervous so come out and support if you can!

In other news, I'm back on Patreon. This is where I'll be posting all my work in the future. Be sure to pledge for access to my photography, self-portraits, and Patreon-exclusive writing. 

I've relaunched my Survivor Series project and am currently looking for folks willing to pose. Let me know if you're interested. You can fund this project by pledging to my Patreon. 

I think that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by and checking in! 

I'm back from my trip to LA, where I had my first live reading at Book Show to promote Nasty! I was nervous but had loads of fun and can't wait for my next reading. Book Show was packed and sold all but one copy of Nasty and I signed lots of books. Next up is Powell's on April 2nd. I hope to see you there!

Here's some pics from the Book Show event:

With my fellow Nasty! authors: Diana Kirk, Tara Dublin, Kim Vodicka and Eleanor Rose. Photo by Eleanor Rose.

With my fellow Nasty! authors: Diana Kirk, Tara Dublin, Kim Vodicka and Eleanor Rose. Photo by Eleanor Rose.

Reading from my essay "The United States of Rape Culture." Photo by Alex Villa.

Reading from my essay "The United States of Rape Culture." Photo by Alex Villa.

Nasty! on the shelves at Book Show

Nasty! on the shelves at Book Show


Nasty! is now available for purchase. Use the coupon code THANKSAMAZON when you order Nasty direct from King Shot Press to get FREE SHIPPING and a bunch of extra goodies.

If you live in Portland, come to the live reading at Powell's the first week of April! Date to be announced soon.

Follow the link to purchase your copy now: http://www.kingshotpress.com/product/nasty


I'm pleased to announce my essay "The United States of Rape Culture" will be appearing in the upcoming Nasty! anthology from King Shot Press. 

From the publisher:

"Nasty! is a collection of radical non-fiction essays that provide crucial commentary on what it’s like to be a woman today. Bold stories from fierce women who are not ashamed of who they are and what they do.

100% of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

All killer, no filler. The anthology features the following table of contents:
Missy Suicide- “Monster”
Sabrina Dropkick- “Fucking Fat”
Rocket- “Buddy”
MP Johnson- “How To Accept You're Trans in 11 Easy Steps”
Cervante Pope- "a black type of feminism"
Julie Rea- “A Year in the Life of a Sad American Liberal”
Diana Kirk- “Tampon Trigger”
Rhonda Jackson Joseph- “I’m That Chick Who Starts the Conversation"
Kim Vodicka- “Maximum Insecurity Dick Prison”
Boodawe- “You’re So Nasty!”
Jessie Lynn McMains- “They Say She’s a Slut”
Kathryn Louise- “The United States of Rape Culture”
Eleanor Rose- “I Didn’t Ask For This”
Amber Fallon- “Sleazeball Games or How I Got Banned From Match.com
Tara Dublin- “Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson”
Jennifer Robin- “Raphael and the French Ghost and the Moon”
Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell- “Come Here Often?”
Jacqueline Kirkpatrick- “The New Unnatural”
Devora Gray- “I’ll Meet You in the Middle”

Edited by Tiffany Scandal
Cover by Matthew Revert"

Copies are now available for preorder here: http://www.kingshotpress.com/product/nasty

You are not at all obligated to order a copy, but I encourage you to do so if you want to give some money to a lifesaving organization AND read some badass non-fiction. 

The Blacklist

I am pleased to announce my short story "The Blacklist" will appear in the upcoming anthology Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Sylvia Plath and Lana Del Rey from Clash Media, edited by Leza Cantoral.

The Blacklist was inspired by Lana's song Kinda Outta Luck, my own experiences as a model, and the bullshit that followed model Brennan Hill and the blacklist she created.

Official release is set for December 1 2017 but will be available for preorder September 2017. Click here to see the full table of contents and learn how to order your copy.