Kathryn L. Herron

Kathryn Louise is a writer, photographer, and artist living in Olympia, WA.

the survivor series

In 2017 I launched a portrait project documenting survivors of sexual violence. I hoped to capture our diversity and show something other than the pain we carry. I put the project on hold due to frustration; the photos were imperfect and I didn't feel comfortable working with the film I chose. The media surrounding the Me Too movement and near election of Roy Moore triggered flashbacks and panic attacks that forced me to step away from the project for the sake of my mental health. I needed a break from sexual violence.

In May of 2018, I made the decision to return to this project. Nasty! helped me find my voice again and inspired me to relaunch this project. There are so many of us that get left out of these narratives, so many that find silence easier than speaking up, so many of us left holding our anger and pain alone. No more. It is time for survivors of sexual violence to be seen and heard. It's time for us to come together with support and love. 

I am always looking for new faces to document for this project. If you're interested, reach out via the contact page on this website.